About us

what we do

Since 2001

The dybbuk publishing house produces books intended mostly for more demanding readers, who find excitement in reading and thinking. Our books strive to transmit this experience in every way possible. The titles originate mainly in the margins and edges of literary genres, whether it is a literature of minority language area, or it expresses unusual way of thinking or possibly controversial attitude to various phenomena. It is always, though, a quality literature — challenging, interesting, different, progressive, introspective, or just plain weird.

What we publish

The literature in translation consists for the most part of works from small linguistic groups (Albanian, Romanian, Catalan, Icelandic, Finnish languages, etc.) other Czech publishers present to the public only seldomly. We focus on introducing this contemporary writing to the Czech readers, being aware of the great potential hidden in these and other national literatures.

Non-fiction books are published by our publishing house, too, we have several series, ranging from history to humanities, neurobiology and physics, with authors including Oliver Sacks, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Giulio Tononi, Jonathan Haidt, V. S. Ramachandran or Steven Pinker.

For more information regarding our authors, recent submissions, translation rights, please contact a member of our team.